You spend a lot of time working on and thinking about your website – so it’s natural to wonder what you can do to improve your site’s experience for your customers. Fortunately, answering that question is usually as easy as getting out there and doing your research.

In this post, we’re sharing our top resources on all things UX and optimization. Dive into any one of them to learn how to improve your website, and how to identify what’s not working. 

Best for: Understanding your customers and their behavior

Before you can create a great website that offers a stunning UX, you need to understand exactly who your customers are and what they care about. Here are a few resources we recommend:

Best for: Identifying what drives your bounce rate

Bounce rate is one of the most important metrics site owners can use to identify problems with site engagement and conversion. It’s also an excellent place to start when you want to gauge the effectiveness of site edits. If you want to learn more about what drives your bounce rate up or down, we recommend these resources:

Best for: Understanding and improving the customer experience

Once you know who your customers are, it’s time to commit yourself to improve their experience on your site. Here are some resources to help:

Best for: Learning how to ask for feedback

Asking for feedback is a critical piece of the sales and UX process, but learning to do it can be difficult. These resources will help you hone your process:

Learning to Improve Your UX, One Resource at a Time

Great UX is made, not born. Fortunately, there are dozens of excellent resources out there to help you learn how to improve yours. The 12 listed in this post are great places to start and will help you become a pro at identifying bottlenecks, improving your site’s user experience, and ensure your products sell like hotcakes.

If you’re looking for professional help to improve your UX, inThink is here for you. Our team of expert UX designers will overhaul your site and help you provide a truly unforgettable experience for your customers. Contact us today to learn more.