Looking at a business’s website is a lot like looking at an online dating profile. One quick glance at a screen and someone decides if he or she finds you attractive … or not.

You want the best first impression possible. How else do we leave people asking for more? Don’t we want people to be interested in us?


There are a lot of online dating dos and don’ts, but hey, we’re a digital marketing agency, not Cupid. Think about how quickly you look at a website. In a matter of seconds, we decide if we like the company based on their website design.  And visitors of your business’s website will do the same.  


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A business’s website redesign should seek an increase in traffic by creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for visitors.  A well-designed website builds trust with potential customers.  However, there are mistakes your business can make that will prevent your customer relationship from blossoming into true love.  

1. Not catering to your buyer persona:

First of all, you need to know your company’s buyer persona. How do you build a buyer persona? Check out this helpful buyer persona guide now. .

Essentially, your buyer persona is who will be looking at your website because they are your ideal customer.  Your web design needs to create an experience that is catered to their interests and what they find enjoyable.  


Listen to your customers.Building a website is an investment. But redesigning will need way more effort and resources if you’re trying to please everyone who comes across your website.


Web designers constantly have the buyer persona in mind. You can’t please everyone, and your bank account will thank you.

2. Poor navigation:

All aspects of your web design should be user friendly. First time visitors don’t know you yet. You need to show them how to find what they are looking for as clearly as possible. Don’t hide your navigation bar or options.


A navigation bar that stays at the top of the page is an easy to guide for your visitors and will help them find more information. It’s a small detail that organizes the big picture of your company’s web design.

3. Not having a blog:

Incorporating a blog into your company’s website is a perfect place to interact with potential customers. Think of a blog like a chat feature of a dating website. You offer some more insight into who you are and what you do, then visitors can comment, ask questions, and keep the conversation going.


If there’s a good interaction with the visitor, your company increases its chance of getting a date … I mean customer.


Increased SEO (search engine optimization) is also a benefit of a blog. If someone is searching for specific keywords that are associated with your company, a link to a blog post can be viewed. Once someone looks at your blog post, you have lead the searcher to your website.

4. Too much content:

You need to play hard to get. Your website visitors will lose interest if they have to read too much about you and what you do. Don’t overload them with information.


You want to excite and interest them, but you also want them to contact you.


No one likes a one-sided relationship where someone talks too much about themselves. Moreover, your content should be clear and concise. Tell the visitor who you are and what you can offer to help him or her.

5. Not making updates:

Trends are always changing, and so are the ways customers interact with companies. Remember that change is good. If something on your website no longer serves its purpose, be willing to get rid of it.


Or be willing to make additions that you never thought were necessary until now. Again, make sure you’re listening to your customers. It’s a relationship you’re building, and if you’re not listening, the relationship isn’t lasting.


Do keep in mind that good website design shouldn’t need to be transformed regularly. Redesigning a website is an investment and should last you more than a one night stand. (Is this online dating analogy going too far yet?)


Well there you have it. Some don’ts of web design for your business. Your website is crucial to building customer relationships, and it needs to be mindfully crafted to suit the needs of its visitors. The design needs to be clean, organized, and informative, but it also needs personality and creativity.


You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and good web design will help you build trust with potential customers. Like any relationship, a customer relationship requires effort, listening, and nurturing. In the end, remember to just be yourself, just as if you were seeking any other type of relationship.