Great marketing is made, not born. And the best way to access that great marketing? Work with people who know how to create it. Unfortunately, many companies believe that working with an agency is prohibitively expensive. In fact, many never take the step because they think they can’t afford it.

But what if we told you that working with an agency like inThink can give you access to world-class marketing resources at a fraction of what you’d spend to build an in-house team? What if we told you it would only cost about 10% of what you’d pay to work with individual agency groups?

Compelling, right?

The world of marketing has changed. Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to access the best marketing professionals in the world, without hiring an army of staff or destroying your budget. Did you know that about 189 thousand people are working in advertising agencies across the country? The magic of outsourcing means you have access to many of them – without leaving your office! 

If you’re looking to improve your marketing efforts, partnering with a full-service marketing agency like inThink is the best option. 

Here’s what you need to know:

The Old Way: What It Costs to Build an in-House Team

Once upon a time, companies that wanted to launch a new campaign or revamp their marketing had no choice but to build out an in-house team. While that approach has never been cheap, increasing demand has only made it more expensive in recent years. 

Here are the current median salaries for must-have marketing professionals, according to and Glassdoor: 

  • Marketing manager – $105,000
  • SEM specialist $72,000
  • SEO manager $70,000
  • Social Media Manager $102,000
  • Solutions Architect – $110,000
  • Creative Director  – $126,000

When you consider that these numbers don’t account for the cost of benefits or hiring, and other specialists you might need, it’s easy to see how the cost of building your own marketing department could easily reach (or exceed) $75k/month – a complete deal-breaker for many companies. 

5 Benefits of Working With an Outsourced Team

Fortunately, we’re not living in “the old way” any longer. Today, you can access the marketing pros you need without hiring a new branch of team members. 

When you work with an outsourced agency like inThink, you’ll see efficiencies in cost, in time, and having the full scope of agency experience and expertise at the ready will absolutely get you the best work, aligned with your brand and vision – to name a few.

With that in mind, here are a few of the most significant benefits of working with a team like inThink:


1. More value for your money

We showed you earlier how quickly an internal marketing department can run your monthly costs into the $75,000 range, and many full service agency costs can exceed $35,000 per month.

At inThink, we think you can do better.

We provide holistic support for your marketing, sales and operations across six key pillars for business success for a cost that’s usually less than half of what you’d expect from an agency. This means you can free up extra resources for other projects and marketing pushes


2. Less stress on your in-house teams

One mistake many lean agencies make is pushing their in-house teams to be everything to everyone. 

Over time, this leads to exhaustion, burnout, and high turnover rates. When you outsource your marketing efforts, though, you get the help of a skilled agency without increasing your present staff’s workload or requiring them to complete difficult advertising and marketing tasks.


3. Expanded capabilities

Nobody can be a pro at everything. Instead of wasting your time and energy (and driving yourself crazy) trying to learn photoshop or video editing for an upcoming project, work with a team that already has the skills and bandwidth for these tasks, and let them make your project shine.

When you work with inThink, you’ll get access to an expansive team of marketing experts with background, industry experience, and skills in all the various marketing efforts you need to grow your business. 


4. Easy scalability

Most marketing agencies offer a one-size-fits-all service model: they don’t do much to adapt their plans to specific companies. 

At inThink, though, you’ll get a more tailored service model. Because we are a lean agency ourselves, we understand the value of tailored services. We’ll focus on building a marketing plan that works for your company and helps you crush your organizational goals. And, as your needs and campaigns scale up, our team can scale with you to augment with skillsets or additional team members to ensure delivery.


5. Enhanced stability

Hiring an agency like inThink helps your company enjoy security and stability. Not only will you not lose professionals to other jobs or positions during a marketing push, but you can trust that our team has your best interests in mind. Everything we do is tailored to your growth and success on each campaign you launch. 


Become a Marketing Powerhouse With the Help of inThink

The world of marketing has changed for the better. If you’re still trying to piece together an in-house team, it’s time to make things easier on yourself.

At inThink we can become your marketing and strategy team, offering personalized attention and consultancy services to improve your technology stack and enhance your operational effectiveness at a fraction of the cost. 

Ready to learn more? Set up a meeting now or take our free five-minute Business Diagnostic test to get a better handle on where your organization needs additional support.