It’s not every day that you can make digital history, but in our case, that day has arrived. The Envision Digital team is extremely excited to announce that we’ll be breaking barriers and knocking down technological walls on Friday, June 2 as we live stream Special Olympics Rhode Island’s State Summer Games Opening Ceremonies on Facebook.

How we got to this point

Mind you, we’re no strangers to video production. We’ve been providing stunning video content for brands across New England for years. And as new technologies have come along – drones, 3-D – we’ve found ways to incorporate those technologies into the fray.


That’s exactly what we’re doing here, with Special Olympics Rhode Island. When we were presented the opportunity to work with this organization, we thought to ourselves:


How can we make this year’s event unique? How can we make it memorable? How can we deliver an experience that Special Olympics – and its supporters – deserve?

Our team got together and thought of all the ways we could make this year’s event stand out. And while we came away with several video concepts that we’ll be implementing during the event, the one that really came to mind is a Facebook live stream.

Live streaming has proven to be one the most impactful ways to build and capture a social audience. Unlike other videos that are polished, edited, and refined, live stream video is raw. It helps deliver a real, live experience to viewers across the globe.

This type of transparency and authenticity is exactly what attracts audiences to social media in the first place. We knew if we could pull it off, not only would live streaming the Opening Ceremonies attract an audience in real time, but sharing that video on Facebook and elsewhere – after the event – could introduce an entirely new audience to the amazing things these athletes, and the organization itself, accomplishes.

To make things even cooler – this will be the first time in history that any Special Olympics organization live streams their opening ceremonies. To be a part of this history-making event is truly humbling and is exactly what drives our team to work with organizations like Special Olympics.

We love what we do each and every day, but on June 2, we’ll be particularly pumped to be a part of a one-of-a-kind event, and we can’t wait to bring you this event, right to your mobile screens and desktops.

Come be a part of history

Special Olympics Rhode Island host their State Summer Games from June 2 – June 4. Learn more by visiting their website.

We also encourage you to like them on Facebook so you can catch the live stream as it happens.