Jeff Ostiguy

Senior Strategist

Technology for every touchpoint.

No business is the same and neither are our recommendations on technology stacks.

We hand-select the best tools to match every touchpoint and user experience.


Streamline and optimize your Customer Relationship Management.

Email Tech

Mail automation is our specialty. Let’s talk about how tools personalize your communications.


We live and breathe data. Understand your customers and what motivates them with powerful measurement tools.

Heat Mapping

See how your customers are interacting with your website, in real-time.

Project Management Tools

Successfully manage teams and projects, while eliminating bottlenecks.

Marketing Automation

With Marketing Automation you can improve customer experiences and reduce strain or your organization.

Predictive Index

We champion the PI Behavioral Assessment to help you hire candidates who are hardwired to be a great fit for your team.

Internal Programs

We help teams get better at being teams. From HR programs to reward systems, we’re here to help guide excellence.

Business Prioritization

Our specialists have deployed hundreds of businesses. We help you prioritize what to focus on for your business’s success.

Remote Work

Our team has been fully remote long before COVID-19. Let us help you learn from our mistakes and successes.

Efficiency Advising

Our Project Management experts have years of experience in streamlining operations and processes. We’re here to guide your business.

Internal File Management

Executing tasks is one thing but storing them is another. We help solve organization issues with tested file store strategies.


One of the quickest wins for customer success is giving them immediate answers via chatbot.


We help your customers. From building customer feedback strategies to getting your Yelp and Google My Business accounts ready for reviews, we’ve got you covered.


We map your entire customer journey to better understand what’s really happening in your customer experience.


The first part of your customer journey is acquisition. We help build your strategies to get more customers in the door.


You have the desired journey for your customer. We help them get there through carefully crafted squeeze pages and funnels.


Getting your costumers is one thing, but keeping them is another. We help build strategies to keep your customers coming back for more.


Establish a reputation, build up SEO volume, and engage with customers by providing value.

Email & Text

Engage and build trust with your customers through email and text campaigns.


Build out converting campaigns on social media and establish a digital voice.


From ads to partnerships, dominate the digital space with branded content that drives conversions.


Our SEO specialists keep your ranking ahead of the pack from keywords to images let’s optimize.


Execution is one thing but the big picture is another. We think of everything so you dont have to.


We build full scope campaigns to drive more business for you while keeping your messaging cohesive across platforms.

Brand Strategy

Branding is how you communicate at every touchpoint. From your mission to your brand values, we deliver.


We craft the perfect taglines to concisely communicate your brand’s message. Let’s build yours.


We help you better understand and develop your customer base from ages to psychographics.


After auditing your industry and value props, we help you position your brand for success.

Lead Gen

We build Lead Gen campaigns that grow your business and drive more revenue.

Marketing Automation

We build websites that not only look beautiful but more importantly, convert your customers. It’s time to level up your site.


From Colors, to Icons, to Application Rules, and Photography, a brand from inThink is thoughtfully perfect.


Our design team fine tunes and drafts beatiful logos from simply perfect minimalist designs to detailed illustrative work.


With a focus in Scalability, we design your brand to work across all social platforms.


From Billboards to Banners and Direct Mail, we have extensive experience in ink.


Our award winning video production team takes brands to new heights. Let’s tell your story.