Virtual Marketing

Virtual, better known as digital, marketing is nothing new. There are so many tools and tactics to use online to continue marketing to prospects it’s tough to find the ones best suited for your business. What has changed is that everyone you’re marketing to is now remote and their use for your product or service has most likely changed. 

Now is not the time to stop marketing, now is the time to capture your audience in a new way. 

Ramp up new business and cut through the digital field: 

  • Don’t stop creating content 
  • Deploy a virtual project management system to continue to get tasks done 
  • Stay top of mind and in contact with social media



Discussing all the ways SEMrush could help your business marketing strategy requires its own guide. But some “quick wins” you can get in the platform are: 

  • Content audits 
  • SEO writing assistant
  • Keyword magic tool 
  • Topic research 
  • SEO content template 
  • Brand monitoring tool

Speaking of content… Ahrefs is a tool that helps you grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche. You can see the exact keywords your competitors are ranking for in organic search and the opportunities you have to take that keyword over. Create content around your competitor’s keywords and you’ll be ranking #1 in no time. Combine that with the interesting and hot-topic keywords SEMrush’s keyword tool can provide and you’ll be the Content King/Queen in no time!

We talk a lot about Drift in our virtual sales chapter, but it can also be used for marketing as well. In fact, they use the term ‘conversational marketing’ all over their website. 

Drift explains it as: Conversational marketing is the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnels through the power of real-time conversations. It builds relationships and creates authentic experiences with customers and buyers.

Why Drift works: 

  • Only 43% of people answer cold calls.
  • The average email open rate has fallen to 20%
  • The average landing page conversion rate is only 2.35%

Long story short, Drift allows you to engage with leads via chat instead of forms, understand what they want almost immediately, and recommend what their next step should be to move them through your marketing funnel. 

I don’t know about you, but I am sold! 

Google Trends is great for seeing whether a topic is increasing or fading in popularity. You can use it to see how the popularity of one topic compares to another. This can be an interesting exercise when brainstorming content ideas for your blog. 

Google Alerts tells you when new mentions of specific words or phrases occur on the web. You set up a Google alert for any keyword, and Google sends you daily/weekly/real-time alerts of any new mentions.

You can use these to see where your competitors, customers, prospects, or your own business is being mentioned. Or even to see which websites are talking about the keywords and topics your prospects, clients and you care about.

InThink Hack: Set your customers and prospects up on Google Alerts to get notified when they are mentioned online. Instant talking points for your next sales call or client meeting!

Not all of us are phenomenal graphic designers, but lucky for us we don’t need to be the artsy type to keep our marketing campaigns moving. With companies changing during this crisis, you may not have a graphic designer on staff anymore or you’re just looking to move a campaign along faster. 

Canva is like the Paint By Numbers version of Photoshop. You choose the size you need, maybe it’s a facebook post. You don’t need to research the dimensions, they pull up the dimensions you need based on what you are trying to create. Then, they have endless amounts of templates, images to fill those templates, and suggested copy layouts that fit right in. You can have a Facebook image created in less time than it takes to heat up last night’s leftovers for lunch. 

InThink Hack: Canva has hundreds of FREE user-generated custom images and templates that they’ve created for you to use. Work smarter, not harder!

HubSpot is an essential tool for all things digital marketing. We use HubSpot as our CRM and CMS, as well as for email marketing, blogging, social media and to build landing pages. You can also view important KPIs inside each tool’s dashboard. 

Also, if you have some extra time and are looking to learn more about inbound marketing, HubSpot Academy offers probably THE largest collection of digital marketing and sales certification courses that will teach you useful information to help you grow your marketing strategy.

Question and Answer Time! 

Q: How to market my virtual training programs now that I’m not able to do live training? 
A: Use tools! 

Here’s your campaign: Use SEMrush to find what topics are being searched for around your service. Write a blog around that need/question. Create an image for it on Canva. Post it on social media and boost it as a promoted post with a calendly link for someone to schedule a free consultation with you. Get them on a Zoom call and work your magic. Follow up with a personalized email with a Loom video with more helpful follow up info. Mention to them that you basically just did all business as usual virtually and you are prepared to train virtually as well. Close the sale, do your virtual live training! 

Q: How often do we post and reach out during these uncertain times. 
A: There’s no easy answer here. 

You always want to read your audience and gauge what is going on with your industry and the news. Nobody wants to be hounded about signing up for services outside of their means or after they just laid off staff. Rubbing salt in the wound is not a good marketing tactic. This is when video, either live or recorded, really helps. An email or even a phone call is a tough place to show tone and voice. Being able to connect with someone virtually face-to-face and express a lot of the common hardships and issues and provide insight on how to overcome them will set you apart. So do your research and see what steps they’ve made recently in response to these economic changes. And create custom content to help them work through those issues.

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