If you want to laser-target your marketing and advertising, you’ve got to collect data.

Good data not only allows you to customize and maximize your advertising. It also…

👌 Adds a layer of accuracy to ad buy platforms like Google.

🔍 Allows you to uncover areas of opportunity.

📈 Helps you grow and scale your business and keep the pipeline full.

💰 And allows you to understand your spending more accurately.

In this episode of the Business is People Podcast, Kham talks with Ken Sheehan, the resident Data & Insight Guru here at inThink, about why having the right data is so important.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

✅ How good data has the potential to change things for your brand.

✅ Limitations to the common ad platforms like Google.

✅ How data can help you leverage locations of opportunity.

✅ Why advertising and marketing NEED to be transactional.

✅ How to determine how much to spend on marketing each year (hint: it’s not a percentage).

✅ And more.

Tune in to get all the data-centric info you need to scale your marketing in the coming year.


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► Special thanks to our guest expert Dr. Ken Sheehan, from inThink Agency


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