In recent years, ecommerce marketing has changed drastically. With this change have come lots of world-class tools, meant to make ecommerce marketing easier and more comprehensive. One such tool is the chatbot. Chatbots are programs designed to conduct interactions with customers based on a set of predefined conditions and inputs. 

Many companies within a variety of industries are already benefiting from the use of chatbots. Depending on your needs, chatbots can be:

  • Reactive or proactive
  • Consistent
  • Rapid in their response times
  • Intelligent – helping companies collect data and learn from the data collected
  • Adaptable, and available for use in mediums like SMS, social media, and live chat

When used correctly, chatbots have the power to boost your conversion rates and overhaul your ecommerce marketing once and for all.

Why use Chatbots? 4 Top Benefits

1. Increased Open Rates

When it comes to social ecommerce, chatbots reign supreme. Since the open rate on chatbot messages is high – around 75% – using them in your ecommerce efforts is a great way to boost your sales. While chatbots can be an excellent tool for brands that want to add some extra flavor to their conversational marketing campaigns, they’re also a great choice for companies that have struggled with social commerce in the past and want to revamp their efforts. 

2. More Responsiveness

Today, customers expect companies to be more available than ever before. About 42% of customers currently expect a brand to respond to their questions or support requests on social media within 60 minutes. With a human team, it’s hard to nail this turnaround time, all the time. 

With chatbots, though, you can provide instant answers and consistent responses. This increases customer satisfaction and helps ensure your company is offering service consistent with the customer’s needs.

3. Cost Savings

As the demand for customer service continues to grow, companies are facing the need to expand their customer service departments. This means either hiring more customer service personnel or rolling out increasingly capable bots who can handle more complex inquiries from shoppers. The latter is the more efficient and less expensive option for most companies. 

4. Better Customer Data & Insights

Your customers provide information every time they interact with your chatbots. This generates detailed, actionable records of your customers’ most significant pain points, and provides your company with a wealth of information that it can use to improve service and deliver better products. 

According to Chatbots Magazine, 

“While chatbot analytics are unlikely to make or break the success of a chatbot, they can provide valuable insight into opportunities for growth and improvement by allowing chatbot builders to get into the minds of users.”

To make the most of your chatbots, be sure you’re tracking the following analytics:

  • Active users
  • Session length
  • User chatbot ratings
  • The frequency of chatbot fallback responses

The Future of Chatbots

Currently, more than 59% of Millennials and 60% of Gen Xers in the U.S have interacted with chatbots. In the coming years, that number will only continue to grow.

What’s more, Gartner predicts that a whopping 85% of all business engagement will be done without interacting with another human by the year 2020. Instead, customers will rely on self-service options and chatbots to get the results they need. 

Chatbots are much more than just a passing trend: they’re an essential piece of technology that promises to continue to impact and overhaul ecommerce for years to come. Now, your company just has to decide whether or not to add them to your stack.

Incorporating Chatbots Into Your Social Ecommerce

Chatbots are effective, inexpensive, and – yes – easy to use. If you’ve never taken advantage of these unique programs before, you’ll be happy to know that incorporating them into your strategy is not difficult. Today, platforms like Facebook and Instagram both offer simple, built-in chatbots that businesses can use. If you want to employ a more advanced chatbot, InThink can help you build and deploy the system you need.


Chatbots are a personalized, brand-specific tool that can immediately add value to your site and your bottom line. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is prepared to work with you to build a unique chatbot system. Contact us today to get started.