How to totally dominate your digital marketing strategy no matter your background, experience, or industry. Let’s get your Mike Tyson game face on!

Being a local business owner can be extremely overwhelming, particularly when it comes to employing digital marketing strategies that actually offer a return on investment.

Should you really spend time on Facebook? Videos are so costly to make. Are they worth it? Should you actually invest effort in email marketing?

These are the types of questions any 21st-century local business owner should be asking themselves. Of course, asking is just one part of the equation. You need answers to these questions, right?

That’s where we come in.

Get the most out of your digital marketing strategy with these tips:

Marketing site Moz offers up a pretty helpful graphic (below) that outlines all of your potential local digital marketing strategies. They then outline the amount of time and money you must invest in order to see any type of return.


Yet the graphic doesn’t delve deeply into the specifics of these practices. So let’s break it down so that you know how best to proceed with your digital marketing strategy.


Lead generation services

These services include Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, and RedBeacon. They guarantee customers, so long as you can sell them after the initial request. You have two pay structures you might see: membership fee or paying a percentage of the contract amount.

This approach is relatively costly, but takes very little time on your end to manage.

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Yes, blogging is still an effective digital approach to gaining new customers. You can flex your influential status and industry know-how with a well written blog that’s also visually appealing. Blogging also helps your SEO efforts, which is a plus!

Unless you have to hire out writers and content managers to publish your posts, blogging is very inexpensive, but can be very time intensive.


Facebook Pages

Of all the social media sites out there, Facebook has done the most to appease the business-consumer relationship, and Pages is the best example of this. You can get reviews, hold conversations, post updates, create contests and more.

The plus side is Facebook Pages is free, so it shouldn’t be too costly to manage. The downside, you get out what you put in, meaning if you want to see conversions on Facebook, you have to really dedicate attention to your Page.

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Q&A Sites



Did you know that Quora and Yahoo! Answers offer incredible opportunities for brands looking to connect with customers in a pivotal part of the purchase cycle? It’s true! And depending on your industry, you might have industry-specific Q&A sites (like Avvo and Travellr) that will target customers who are interested in exactly what you have to offer.

The more questions you answer, the faster you’ll build your reputation and influencer status.

Operating these sites isn’t costly at all, and you don’t have to invest that much time in each site to see some type of ROI.



Twitter sure does seem like it’s in a state of flux these days; but if you use it properly, it can give you tremendous returns for your efforts. When you want to post news, updates or discounts, flock to Twitter and maximize each post with proper tagging and hashtags.

You won’t spend much money with this route, but it can be time intensive.


Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to offer the highest ROI of all digital marketing strategies, which is why most businesses try to master it. The issue with email marketing is which service do you use? MailChimp? Constant Contact? AWeber? They call come with great service and are priced based on the number of subscribers you have (MailChimp is actually free – with limitations – if you have just a few hundred readers).

Because these services simplify email marketing, your time commitment will be minimal, but, you’ll spend some money on the flipside.


Social Media Paid Ads

Contrary to popular belief, social media marketing is not free – not if you want to see the fruits of your labor. With less than 1% of your Facebook followers actually seeing your posts (and other social media sites are following suit with their algorithms) you need to put your money where your mouth is to get your content in front of more eyes.

Luckily, making a paid ad campaign on social media is pretty simple, so you won’t spend much time managing it. Also, you can dictate how much you spend, so if you want to spend just a few dollars, go for it! If you want to spend thousands … well go for that too! The more you spend, the more you’ll see, but we recommend you test the waters slowly.


Video Marketing

Video is killing it these days. Folks love how quick and easy they can digest information from a video, and advancements in mobile technology means smartphone users aren’t slowed down by bad connections.  Video production is really tough to do in-house, which is why we recommend you hire a video marketing specialist to manage this type of content.

The bad news is, that can be somewhat costly (but with great ROI). The good news is: you won’t have to commit much time on your end.



The “term” SEO might be dying, but the actual practice is alive and well. You need to make your website visible for your targeted key terms. This requires a bit of technical know-how as well as great content. Thus, you should turn to an SEO team that can handle this strategy, soup to nuts.

Trust us, this is not an area you want to sit back on. Website SEO may be somewhat costly, but you’ll see a HUGE ROI (and because you’re hiring out services, you won’t have to waste time figuring out all that technical stuff on your own).


Customer Loyalty Programs

People love being part of a club, and loyalty programs is a great way to get your audience to be a part of your “exclusive” club. But the thing is, paper punch cards are going the way of print journalism. Services like Punchcard and Belly offer easy-to-manage loyalty programs for your customers, through their smartphones.

That means little time commitment on your end, but a bit of an investment to start.

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Your handy digital marketing reference for long-term success


We like to think of this as the ultimate reference guide for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs looking to navigate the maze that is the digital world.

Remember: your customers are out there, actively searching for exactly what you offer. Through proper strategizing and visionary innovation, you’ll have no problem asserting yourself as the leader within your industry.