Raise your hand if you’ve got a short attention span. It’s all right, most of us do nowadays. The average person has an attention span of a whopping eight seconds. Everything is vying for our attention, and we’re all running short on time. So, how does this translate into video content marketing for business? Well, it’s the short-form videos that are content marketing gold right now. 

Why short-form videos?

Attention is currency. The vast majority of your customers don’t have the time or the patience to consume many long-form, in-depth videos. That’s not to say that long-form videos don’t have their place. They do. But short, punchy videos can grab someone’s attention, and don’t risk losing it before you get your point across. 

People want to know exactly what you’re on about within those eight seconds you’ve got their attention. The rise in popularity of things like TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Instagram Reels points to people’s love of the short-form video. 

Compared to other forms of content marketing, videos are shared twice as much as other content forms. Also, videos convinced 84% of surveyed customers to purchase from a brand. 

Creating studio-worthy, long-form videos can be prohibitively expensive. If you’re on a tight marketing budget, short videos are good for a shoestring budget and can help you build brand awareness without breaking the bank. 

Short-form videos average two and half minutes or shorter. When should you take advantage of the small window of opportunity a short-form video presents? Short-form videos work best for several different marketing objectives. 

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Where short-form videos fit into your video content marketing strategy

Depending on your goals and budget for video content marketing, long-form or short-form videos will work best to meet your objectives. In our experience, we’ve found that short-form videos perform best for reaching a new audience. Short formats are also ideal for video marketing on social media. 

Teaser Trailers

When you’re trying to get more eyeballs on your long-form content, use a short-form teaser video to pique interest and funnel traffic to your website. 


Short, quick videos are a great medium for building awareness of a particular event your business has coming up. You can also use short-form videos to humanize your brand. Use the video to show clips or a highlight reel from your event.


Get people talking and increase social shares. Use a short-form video to give a brief commentary on a current event in your industry or a trending news story that’s relevant to your target audience. 

Feature Videos

Build awareness of your unique offerings and new products. Creating short form videos to highlight core benefits, educate, and entertain the people you’re trying to reach. 

Showcase Company Culture

Are you trying to fill a vacant position? Short videos can be used to show off your company culture. 

Trust Markers

It’s unfortunate. But fake reviews are everywhere, and it can be difficult for businesses to build credibility with their customer base. 

Use short-form videos to share customer testimonials. These don’t need to be fancy. A quick testimonial recorded on Zoom or an iPhone will do just fine. 


Tight budgets might mean you need to bootstrap your branded video content. Loom makes it easy and cheap to create quick videos that you can share in email follow-ups. In this instance, short-form videos can personalize your message and improve your conversions and customer relationships. 

Best platforms for DIY short-form videos

This list isn’t exhaustive. Where you create and share your videos will depend on who your target audience is and where they’re hanging out online. Here’s a quick roundup to get you started and spark your creativity.

  • TikTok — The majority of TikTok users are between 13 and 24 years old. If you’re trying to reach Gen Z, short-form videos on TikTok are where it’s at. 
  • Instagram Reels — Considered TikTok 2.0, Instagram Reels caters to a wider age range than TikTok. 
  • Hippo Video — Hippo Video takes your video marketing beyond social media. It’s an excellent platform for B2B brands especially. You can use the platform to create, share, and analyze videos. Also gives you the option to embed forms, annotations, and CTAs for increased conversions. 
  • Youtube Shorts — YouTube DIY videos have never been easier to make. With YouTube Shorts, all you need is a smartphone to shoot catchy videos under one minute and share with YouTube’s two billion users. 

Key Takeaways for DIY Video Marketers

Developing high-end production videos with a traditional shoot is complicated, and for many brands, it’s simply not possible. But that doesn’t mean you’re locked out of the video marketing game. 

Short-form videos make it easy to reach your audience on a shoestring budget. You don’t need fancy equipment to create a compelling video that gets shared. Consumers appreciate short, punchy videos that educate and entertain them.

Be authentic, and you’ll find that making a two and a half minute video that gets liked and shared will take you way less time to create than a blog post. Get our step-by-step guide for how to create a fantastic DIY video studio on a tight budget. Lights, iPhone, action!