For years, we here at Envision Digital Group have worked hand-in-hand with clients throughout New England to help these small businesses develop their brand, build their audiences, and increase their leads and sales.


Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new brand identity – InThink – with the introduction of a new logo, website, and overall approach to how we do business.


“For a couple of years now we’ve been looking to highlight our unique offering to our clients,” said InThink President Kham Inthirath. “With InThink, we make it clear that when you work with us, you get a digital marketing team that harnesses its strengths – creativity, strategy, and execution – to deliver results for its clients.”


What can you expect from InThink?

When Envision Digital Group launched in 2015, we made sure to focus in on the specific channels of digital marketing, including:

  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • And more

Our old website, for example, allowed you to navigate to a page dedicated to social media, or one dedicated to SEO, and so on.


While all of that is still relevant, in today’s business environment, marketing isn’t defined by singular specialties. If you want to experience true and long-term growth, then you need to approach your marketing through a holistic perspective.


And that’s what InThink delivers.


Visiting our newly designed website, you’ll notice that our primary emphasis is on growth. Growth is achieved in many different ways and, in reality, no two clients are the same. One client might find tremendous success with paid advertising and landing pages, while another client might see the biggest ROI emphasizing their social media strategies.


One client’s audience might respond well to videos, while another’s might prefer long-form content, like whitepapers and in-depth articles.  


Here at InThink, our goal isn’t to force clients into cookie-cutters solutions. Nor is it to recommend an SEO strategy only, or social media management only. Studies have proven that approach isn’t effective.


Our main purpose is to develop customized growth strategies that take brands to the next level. The solutions we design can – and likely do – include a variety of marketing strategies, which we develop to be aligned with KPI and S.M.A.R.T. goals we develop with our clients.


By sitting down and establishing goals with our clients from the onset, we deliver incredible returns on investment, while also develop individualized plans that help our clients stand apart in the market place.


For example, we use SEO to boost our clients’ ranking, but rely on content marketing to build authority and customer relationships. We then use social media to help spread awareness. We utilize cutting-edge marketing automation and CRM software to streamline processes and to increase the ROI of our clients’ marketing efforts.


Looking beyond marketing

As Envision Digital Group, we focused our attention on the idea of marketing. We haven’t changed our ways—we are an agency with deep roots in marketing. However, as we turn our attention to growth, we wanted to make it clear to our clients that we look beyond marketing.


What’s this mean?

It’s not uncommon for our team to fulfill the role of business consultants for local SMBs. Business owners will ask us to examine their existing processes, workflow, and suite of tools (including CRM and marketing automation) and offer suggestions on how to increase efficiency and, of course, ROI.


That’s what it comes down to – ROI. We do whatever it takes to deliver a return on the investment our clients make in our agency.


This sense of interconnectivity between marketing disciplines and business consulting is represented through our new logo. Each singular line in our sphere represents a unique idea, strategy, or campaign. Yet, not one of these lines stands alone.

Every idea we bring to the table, each campaign we launch and manage, is a part of something bigger – your brand.


The four pillars of InThink

In redesigning our website and brand messaging, we wanted to ensure that our approach, and the resources we share with our small business communities, were focused. That’s why we created our four pillars:


  1. Branding
  2. Marketing
  3. Video
  4. Web Design


Each of these pillars play a pivotal role in the work we do with our clients. A client in need of marketing support, for example, won’t get too far without a website optimized for their strategies. A client looking for a powerful video will likely not see the ROI they’re after if their branding isn’t in top shape.


As you browse our site, you’ll find everything comes back to these four pillars. From the case studies we share, to the resources we offer freely, all of our content is centered on  these core areas, as these are the disciplines we use to help tell your story and build your audience.


Welcome to InThink – The Growth Agency.  

Come learn about the new inThink!