Jim Leland

Senior Marketer

Full Scope means every touchpoint.

We threw out the “playbook” because your business is unique. You have your own set of challenges and needs, so we tailor a custom marketing plan for you. Our experiences span multiple industries and business sizes, so no matter your market, we have the tools and the knowledge to drive conversions and results.


Build your brand, maximize your online search presence, and engage with customers by providing value.

Email & Text

Targeted, personalized, email, and text campaigns designed to drive engagement.


In today’s marketing environment, the impact of peer influence cannot be overstated. Engage your biggest brand fans and turn them into advocates.


From ads to partnerships, dominate the digital space with branded content that drives conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO specialists keep your ranking ahead of the pack from keywords to images. Let’s optimize.


Execution is one thing but the big picture is another. We think of everything so you dont have to.


Streamline your Customer Relationship Management with selected tech tools.

Email Tech

Your email automation is our forte. Let’s talk about tools to keep your content delivery strong.


We live and breathe data. Understand your customers better with powerful tracking.

Heat Mapping

With Tech plug-in technology, we’ll help you see in real-time how customers are interacting with your site.

PM Tools

Project management can be your best friend or your bottleneck if not done correctly. Let’s get you on track.

Marketing Automation

With Marketing Automation you can improve customer experiences and reduce strain or your organization.

Predictive Index

We champion the PI Behavioral Assessment to help you hire candidates who are hardwired to be a great fit for your team.

Internal Programs

We help teams get better at being teams. From HR programs to reward systems, we’re here to help guide excellence.

Business Prioritization

Our specialists have deployed hundreds of businesses. We help you prioritize what to focus on for your business’s success.

Remote Work

Our team has been fully remote long before COVID-19. Let us help you learn from our mistakes and successes.

Efficiency Advising

Our Project Management experts have years of experience in streamlining operations and processes. We’re here to guide your business.

Internal File Management

Executing tasks is one thing but storing them is another. We help solve organization issues with tested file store strategies.


One of the quickest wins for customer success is giving them immediate answers via chatbot.


We help your customers. From building customer feedback strategies to getting your Yelp and Google My Business accounts ready for reviews, we’ve got you covered.


We map your entire customer journey to better understand what’s really happening in your customer experience.


The first part of your customer journey is acquisition. We help build your strategies to get more customers in the door.


You have the desired journey for your customer. We help them get there through carefully crafted squeeze pages and funnels.


Getting your costumers is one thing, but keeping them is another. We help build strategies to keep your customers coming back for more.


We build full scope campaigns to drive more business for you while keeping your messaging cohesive across platforms.

Brand Strategy

Branding is how you communicate at every touchpoint. From your mission to your brand values, we deliver.


We craft the perfect taglines to concisely communicate your brand’s message. Let’s build yours.


We help you better understand and develop your customer base from ages to psychographics.


After auditing your industry and value props, we help you position your brand for success.

Lead Gen

We build Lead Gen campaigns that grow your business and drive more revenue.

Marketing Automation

We build websites that not only look beautiful but more importantly, convert your customers. It’s time to level up your site.


From Colors, to Icons, to Application Rules, and Photography, a brand from inThink is thoughtfully perfect.


Our design team fine tunes and drafts beatiful logos from simply perfect minimalist designs to detailed illustrative work.


With a focus in Scalability, we design your brand to work across all social platforms.


From Billboards to Banners and Direct Mail, we have extensive experience in ink.


Our award winning video production team takes brands to new heights. Let’s tell your story.

Search Engine Optimization


Overhaul Your SEO With InThink’s Professional Support

Let’s Start

The world of SEO is a complex, ever-changing one. Between Google’s regular algorithm changes and the shifting recommendations of SEO experts everywhere, it can be tough to put your finger on SEO. What are the basics? Why should you employ it for your business? And how?

Here’s what you need to know.

What SEO is and Why it Matters

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s one of the single most important facets of online marketing. Today, online business owners use SEO to improve their websites, increase the quality of their content, and draw more traffic. When conducted correctly, SEO increases brand exposure and boosts organic (non-paid) search results.

Don’t let the techy name trick you, though: SEO focuses on people just as much as search engines. In addition to making content easier for search engines to interpret and index, great SEO improves the formatting and structure of the material. This, in turn, makes it easier for customers to consume.

Taken together, these two facets of SEO make for high-visibility, high-earning websites.

3 Big Reasons SEO Matters for Your Business



Of all the digital marketing duties you could undertake for your business, SEO is one of the most important. In addition to helping ensure your pages show up correctly in Google, SEO has dozens of other benefits, including the following:

1. SEO Helps You Rank in Google

Today, Google handles more than 79% of all global desktop search traffic and receives more than 63,000 searches each second. This is why good SEO is so critical. 

Today, SEO makes your web pages more “readable” for search engines, crawlers, and people, while the format of SEO content enhances web design. As such, it’s the best way to ensure your content ranks organically. 

2. SEO Widens Your Site Reach

Google houses an estimated 130 trillion indexed web pages. Don’t let that faze you, though. A good SEO plan can help your site stand out, expand your brand’s reach, and target high-value keyword queries. 

If you’re in a competitive industry, SEO is the perfect tool to help you get a leg-up on your competition and secure your position in your niche. 

3. SEO is Free

While you can pay for SEO consulting or assistance, SEO itself is free. Unlike paid marketing, SEO doesn’t require you to shell out your hard-earned marketing budget. Instead, it’s free, and you can start it all on your own. Even better, SEO is effective. Today, 82% of SEO users say its effectiveness is on the rise.

Industry Data You Should Know


organic traffic boost by revamping and updating old blog posts with new, timely content and fresh images


of marketers report that improving SEO and boosting organic rankings are their top inbound marketing priorities


Increase in Google “near me” searches in the past year


of consumers who conduct a local search visit a physical store within five miles of the search location

is the average word-count of Google first-page results



Proving The ROI of SEO


You know why SEO matters and you understand why investing in it is essential, but that’s only half the equation. The other half of the equation is figuring out how to measure the ROI of your SEO and determine how, exactly, your SEO efforts are benefiting your business.

Demonstrating ROI is essential to get continued support for your program, and to direct your SEO efforts.


An Example of SEO ROI


Let’s say your goal of your SEO efforts is to get people to subscribe to your company’s email list. If 100 new people sign up in the first month, and even 25% of those people hire your agency, your conversion rate on SEO efforts is 25%.

Now let’s say that each of these customers spends about $700 in services. That would make the average value of each sale about $700.

The last step in determining your SEO ROI is to figure out exactly how much each lead is worth. You do this by dividing your total conversions by the initial number of people who subscribed to your email list.

For this example, you got 25 new customers, and they spent $700 each. That means you made $17,500. Divide that by your original 100 subscribers, and you get the actual value of each new lead – which is $175 – a pretty good SEO ROI for any agency!

How to Prove ROI

Here are a few primary tactics for demonstrating SEO ROI:


Track Your SERP Rankings

The best way to show SEO improvements is to track your SERP rankings. If you’ve been targeting specific keywords in your SEO efforts, the end result should be pages that rank higher in the SERPs. Tools like Moz can help you track your SERP results. 


Track Traffic Growth

Want to prove the efficacy of your SEO efforts? Why not track your traffic? Good SEO improves overall website traffic and results in more visitors to your pages. If your traffic has not increased, it may be time to redirect your SEO efforts. 


Track Conversions

Conversions are another excellent method by which to track SEO conversions. While your traffic should have increased, you’ll also ideally experience a spike in conversions. This means more people are buying, subscribing, or hitting a critical CTA button after landing on your site. 


Measure Against Your Goals

A critical part of a good SEO campaign is establishing goals for your efforts. Once you’re a few months into your campaign, take a look back at your goals and see how your efforts measure up. Are you meeting or exceeding your goals? How has your company benefited?

Email Marketing


Engage Subscribers and Grow Your List With Email Marketing Services From InThink

Let’s Start

Email marketing: it’s one of the most overlooked, yet most powerful forms of digital marketing out there today.

In a world saturated with digital advertisements, PPC ads, and invasive pop-up banners, a great marketing email is a welcome surprise for customers. In addition to being more personalized, great emails are also much more durable than other forms of marketing.

When you invest in email marketing, you’re ensuring that the people seeing your email and lifecycle messages are qualified leads that are likely to (or already have) purchased your company. This means they have a much higher chance of coming back to do business with you. It also saves you (and your customers) the awkwardness of trying to “hook” new leads.

Today, customers want more than just marketing from the companies they follow – they want genuine, authentic connections. If you’re not using email marketing to create those connections, you could be missing out. Here at InThink, our team specializes in creating compelling, high-converting email campaigns for every brand. An experienced HubSpot partner, we’re committed to helping you build your list and knock your email marketing out of the park.

Email Marketing, by the Numbers

Still wondering if email marketing is really for you? Here are a few compelling statistics to consider:

  • Active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion in coming years
  • 93% of B2B marketers are using email to distribute their content
  • 83% of B2B companies also use e-newsletters as part of their email marketing campaigns
  • About 46% of all email opens happen on mobile platforms
  • U.S. companies will spend an estimated 350 million on email advertising in coming years
  • 73% of Millenials prefer when communications from businesses come through email
  • 99% of customers check their email several times daily

4 Smart Reasons to Invest in Email Marketing


Email marketing is effective, but will it work for your business? What are the “soft benefits” that make it such an obvious choice for small companies? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Email Marketing is Easy

Unlike other forms of marketing, which take a great deal of time, energy, and effort on the part of the marketer, email marketing is rather convenient. Campaigns can be created and scheduled in advance and triggered to deploy based on customer actions. There is very little manual work associated with email marketing automation.

2. Email Marketing is Personalized

Today, about 80% of customers are more likely to shop with brands who offer a personalized experience. While email marketing is many things, it is personalized, first and foremost. In a world where your clients are bombarded with marketing messages, email stands out as a welcome platform. When you utilize email segmentation, for example, it’s easy to send personalized offers tailored to your audience, thus creating more value for them and you.

3. It Operates in Real-Time

Have a big sale going on? Send an email! Want to provide details about an exclusive promotion at the last minute? Send an email! Unlike most other forms of digital marketing, email is immediate. This makes it an excellent way to keep your customers in the loop and help them take advantage of exciting opportunities to shop with your company.

4. The ROI is Unbeatable

Investing in email marketing is easily one of the best ways to stretch your marketing budget. According to most current statistics, the ROI for email is about 2x that of other digital channels and can be higher, in some cases. If you want your marketing budget to work smarter, not harder, email is a great option.

Let InThink Guide Your World-Class Content Marketing

“Content is king.”

It’s one of the great cliches of the internet, right? While the saying may be tired, the sentiment is still spot-on. No matter how marketing changes, content continues to drive the internet. Think about it: no other aspect of marketing, advertising, or SEO can exist without content. Facebook ads need copy. Organic leads need blog posts and guides to interact with. Even billboards need a snappy one-liner or two.

Let’s Start

No matter how you cut it, content is critical. In fact, it’s easily one of the most essential components of modern marketing. In many cases, it’s the only thing that sets you apart from your competition. When you create winning content, your business grows. When you fall short, you fall behind.

Luckily, InThink is here to help you make content that is as useful as it is engaging, for both your company and your customers.

How Content Marketing Works

“Content Marketing” is an umbrella term that refers to lots of different things. For example, content marketing is everything from writing a blog post with a strong CTA to creating a gated study your customers download after submitting an email address.

No matter what form it takes, content marketing uses organic content to attract customers. The content presents a “soft sell,” rather than blatant advertising. It may discuss a company’s offerings or services, for example, but the primary purpose of the material is to be informative and valuable.

Here are a few common examples of content marketing:

  • A company’s social media posts
  • A branded ebook or downloadable guide
  • A company’s blog posts
  • An email drip campaign
  • Media covering a launch or event
  • White papers
  • Press releases
  • And more

Depending on your needs and priorities, content marketing can take dozens of different shapes and forms. In fact, that’s why so many companies invest so heavily in it – it’s one of the most flexible and applicable types of marketing out there.

Content Marketing, by the Numbers

When brands commit to content marketing, great things happen. Here are a few stats to chew on:

  • The global digital population currently sits at about 4 billion users
  • 77% of U.S. adults go online daily
  • According to CMI, organic content is one of the single most effective ways to promote your company 
  • Compared to paid marketing, content marketing generates 3x the amount of leads, per dollar invested
  • Despite costing 62% less than traditional marketing, content generates 3x as many leads
  • Today, the average person encounters about 5,000 ads per day, which means organic material is one of the only ways to reach ad-fatigued consumers
  • Small businesses who have blogs earn 126% more leads than companies that don’t blog 
  • 61% of consumers make a purchase after reading recommendations on a blog
  • Websites with blogs collect 434% more search engine-indexed pages than sites without blogs
  • Companies that publish more than 16 blog posts per month earn 3.5x the traffic of companies who only publish 0-4 articles

Despite all these compelling statistics, about 63% of B2C marketers don’t have a content strategy. Don’t let yourself join the ranks. InThink can help you create a customized, effective content strategy today.

Why Content Marketing Matters for Your Business: 5 Primary Benefits

Today, great content is more than just a “nice to have.” In fact, it’s critical for any company that wants to grow and thrive in the modern world of marketing. Here are a few things investing in content will do for your business:

  1. Drive more on-site content
  2. Boost your visibility in search engines
  3. Improve your domain authority
  4. Increase your referral traffic
  5. Boost your conversion potential

Customer Loyalty


InThink Will Help You Create a Powerful Loyalty Marketing Program

Let’s Start

What makes your business run? What’s the key to pulling ahead of your competition? Is it great marketing? Lots of new customer acquisition? A stellar product? While all of those things are indeed essential to a company’s success, the thing that really seals the deal is customer loyalty.

Case in point? Even a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by at least 25%. Additionally, a whopping 60% of loyal customers buy more frequently from their companies of choice.

If you want to grow your business, investing in loyalty marketing is one of the best things you can do. In addition to nurturing your existing connections, loyalty marketing is an excellent way to improve your customer service and become a more competitive company, across the board. Here at InThink, our team of experienced loyalty marketing experts will help you grow your loyalty program and keep your supporting customers happy.

First Things First – What is Loyalty Marketing?

Loyalty marketing, like “content marketing,” is an umbrella term that refers to any activity a company takes to encourage customers to do repeat business. In most cases, these marketing efforts include purchase incentivization and reactivation campaigns, both of which are designed to re-engage existing customers.

3 Reasons to Invest in Loyalty Marketing This Year


While every company needs to attract new customers, too few brands focus on nurturing their relationships with their existing customers. As it turns out, though, doing so is one of the single best things you can do for your company. Here’s why:

1. Loyalty Marketing is Affordable

According to a recent Forrester Research, customer acquisition costs about 5x as much as customer retention. This is because of the effort associated with earning a new client. You have to make them aware of your brand, convince them your offerings are reputable and nurture them through your funnel.

Existing customers, meanwhile, are already qualified – they know your company, trust your people, and believe in your product. As such, marketing to them takes much less time, effort, and expense.

2. Loyalty Marketing is Productive

Did you know the probability of selling to an existing customer is about 60-70%? Compared to the 5-20% probability of selling to a new customer, these odds look pretty good. Additionally, 80% of the standard company’s revenue comes from about 20% of its clients. As you can see, marketing to these existing customers is an easy and effective way to boost your sales.

3. Loyalty Marketing Will Support Other Marketing Efforts

There are lots of ways to go about loyalty marketing, but one of the best is to solicit customer feedback. Not only does doing this support your loyalty marketing efforts, but it provides a wealth of content you can use in other marketing efforts – like social media and email, for example.

The ROI of Loyalty Marketing


As you can see in the statistics above, loyalty marketing can be incredibly productive. While their ROI can be a bit difficult to measure, most proponents agree that they provide a wide range of tangible and intangible returns.

For example, about 96% of Millennials take advantage of loyalty programs, especially when those programs are mobile. Additionally, 52% of Americans will join a loyalty program with a “preferred company.” With these things in mind, you can rest assured that investing in loyalty marketing will offer a solid return and that doing so is a great way to grow your business.

InThink Customer Case Studies


Check out the real results InThink customers have enjoyed after partnering with us:

Sarah McMaster

Worcester State University

“InThink helped us promote key attributes of Worcester State through use of compelling story telling. They were a hands-on partner in executing a series of videos, from planning through to post-production. Their staff were flexible, professional, and knowledgable about not only video production, but about marketing in higher education.”

Alexandra Wesley

USTA New England

“We hired InThink to do an inspiring video to get people back into the sport of tennis. We used this video to kick-off our largest conference of the year as well as in advertisements for our programs. The video drove social engagement and was an effective way for us to celebrate the sport with our consumers.”

Dave Glispin

Sunshine Sign

“InThink provided us with a logical, achievable, measureable and sustainable plan to “showcase” our company. They are laser focused on implementing the correct steps to maximize the benefit of each marketing initiative.

Kham and his team have taken the time to understand our business and our vision for the future. They have an complete understanding of our preferred customer.”

Rosie Fayard

Learning First Foundation

“The InThink team has helped our organization transform both internally and externally. Before working with them, we did not have a clearly expressed vision or brand and nor did we have the collateral materials necessary for fundraising as a nonprofit. Thanks to them, we now have not only visually appealing marketing materials (website, video content, logo, print material, etc), but these tools help us express our cause so that we are reaching our crucial fundraising goals.”

Steven Sabra

Attorney and founder of Sabra and Aspden PA

“As a busy attorney it’s difficult to get involved with my marketing and sales. The InThink team takes care of it all, and I have peace of mind knowing that they have my best interests. They do a great job keeping it simple, but yet execute complex strategies.”

Troy Hewes

Owner of Ace Wood Flooring

“I’ve been working with Kham and his team for several years, and they have been so involved with our business from sales to marketing to workflow. He’s really a part of our company and we couldn’t be happier with InThink.”

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