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Let’s Get You Started – Learn How to Add Hotjar to Your Website

What Happens Next?

Step #1 — We’re gonna send you an email with the link to set up your code. Watch our video tutorial or set it up yourself by following the links provided in the email.

Step #2 – Invite us as a member for your account (the email address will be provided in the welcome email)

Step #3 – Sit back and let Hotjar do its thing for one to two weeks. HotJar will identify the parts of your site that encourage conversions — and the parts that don’t.

Step #4 – You’ve got data. Check your inbox. We’ll send you recommendations based on our findings with tips on how to improve the UX of your website. We will provide a mix of at least three recommendations from below:

  • Value proposition
  • Site navigation
  • Headlines
  • Design
  • User experience
  • CTAs
  • Social proofs, testimonials/case studies

Step #5 – Execute and Implement

But I Don’t Know How to Improve UX Myself!

A lot of our clients don’t have the people or systems in place to put their Hotjar findings to use. That’s all right, because it’s where inThink jumps in.

We understand valuable data that we get from these Hotjar findings and we know how to apply them to help your brand grow.

The people we’ve worked with who’ve used HotJar for their site have an average of 10% boost of sign-ups and 55% growth in conversion rates.

Reach out to us to help you execute the updates necessary to rev up your UX and increase your conversions.

The inThink experience

Juliana Marulanda


“Added 2000 contacts in first 3 weeks”

Joe Cundall

Cornerstone Group/Partner

“400% increase in deal conversions”

Rosie Fayard

Learning First Foundation

VP of Advancement

“The inThink team has helped our organization transform internally and externally. Before working with them, we didn’t have a clearly expressed brand.”

Steven Sabra

Attorney and founder of Sabra and Aspden PA

“As a busy attorney it’s difficult to get involved with my marketing and sales. The inThink team takes care of it all, and I have peace of mind knowing that they have my best interests. They do a great job keeping it simple, but yet execute complex strategies.”

All right, hit that download button if you haven’t already and sit tight for your recommendations!