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Hotjar helps you see how users experience your site in real time. You’ll learn how to make data-driven changes to optimize your site for more conversions.

How Does Hotjar Help You Get More Conversions?

Using answers from the Hotjar on-site survey, we saw a 10% uplift in conversions.

HotJar identifies the parts of your site that encourage conversions — and the parts that don’t. It’s trusted by thousands of companies, including HubSpot Academy, Ryanair, and Unbounce.

It takes less than 5 minutes to install Hotjar’s code on your site (we’ll walk you through the steps). By tomorrow, you’ll know exactly where people are getting stuck on your site, and what to do to get them unstuck and improve conversions.

A 10% boost
in signups
400% ROI
within 9 months
55% increase
in conversions

We’ll Monitor Your Hotjar
Findings for Free

We’ve used Hotjar to help hundreds of businesses convert more customers. We’re confident this simple code can do the same for you.

But not everyone has time to monitor and act on Hotjar’s data.

So, we’ll do it for you. For free. After you install the code on your site, in two weeks, we’ll send you a free report with our findings.

Sample Use case:

A 5-minute fix that improved conversion by 40%

The context: Taskworld is a project management solution that relies on its sign-up page to convert leads into users and customers. The team wanted to understand how people were interacting with the page and find opportunities for improvement, so they placed a heat map on it:

What the heatmap analysis revealed: the click map revealed three issues. Can you spot them?

  • Under-used CTA: despite the page being specifically for first-time users, the main ‘sign up’ CTA got clicked less than the ‘sign in’ link (where the red blob is, at the bottom)
  • Field drop-off: each of the five mandatory fields got progressively less attention, giving people several opportunities to abandon the page before completing the process
  • Timezone blocker: the mandatory Select Time Zone field was getting bypassed

The results: in just 5 minutes, Taskworld removed the ‘sign in’ option, re-organized the page around one CTA, and simplified the fields from five to just ONE: the email id. And with this, conversion rate increased by 4

Heat Map Screenshots

At everyone is raving about it:

Akande D.

“HotJar is an awesome tool for studying websites and optimizing!”

Overall HotJar is a great platform and I am one of their biggest advocates. I would recommend HotJar to anyone looking to enhance their understanding of on-site traffic and conversion.

Akande D.

Marketing Communications Specialist

Joseph D.

“Essential for understanding how people use your website”

Hotjar saves time and money that could result on guessing what changes are needed on a web page to improve customer experience and increase conversions. This solution provides data that you need to make informed decisions going forward.

Joseph D.

SEO Specialist

Shaun F.

“Screen recording & heat maps made easy”

My overall experience has been fantastic. The recordings are top quality and there are plenty of additional features and functions for those who want more. As someone that works in a marketing agency I also appreciate the fact I can house a number of clients underneath one login. I would, and do, recommend Hotjar to anyone who needs screen recording software.

Shaun F.

Director of Online Marketing

Karen H.

“Helps you improve website conversions”

My experience has been great I have been able to identify opportunities and create solutions that work best for my business. Plus it helps me see what areas of my website are important to users. So they can get the most helpful information they need.

Karen H.

WordPress Consultant & Developer


Is this a call?
No, we’ll send you a free report that you can peruse at your leisure.

Will it cost anything?
No, the Hotjar code is free, and so is our report with the Hotjar findings.

What if I want more info on how to improve my UX and conversions?
In your free report, we’ll let you know where you can reach us. But no pressure.

The inThink experience

Juliana Marulanda


“Added 2000 contacts in first 3 weeks”

Joe Cundall

Cornerstone Group/Partner

“400% increase in deal conversions”

Rosie Fayard

Learning First Foundation

VP of Advancement

“The inThink team has helped our organization transform internally and externally. Before working with them, we didn’t have a clearly expressed brand.”

Steven Sabra

Attorney and founder of Sabra and Aspden PA

“As a busy attorney it’s difficult to get involved with my marketing and sales. The inThink team takes care of it all, and I have peace of mind knowing that they have my best interests. They do a great job keeping it simple, but yet execute complex strategies.”