Testimonials are essential, but sometimes overlooked,  part of your marketing, sales, and content strategies. While they may seem straightforward, good testimonials do much more than just share a success story. If you haven’t been using video testimonials to their full potential, now is the perfect time to start elevating yours from a simple quote or proof point to an engaging, genuine endorsement of your company’s people, process, and results.

In this post, we’ll walk you through why testimonials matter and how to create one. Let’s dive in.


Why Testimonials Matter

In marketing, trust matters. Today’s customers have access to thousands of brands and companies, but the modern buyer is an informed buyer. They seek out companies they feel confident about and know they can rely on. This is one reason why good customer testimonials are so important: they’re a highly reliable trust metric.

While companies use testimonials throughout the buyer’s journey, they’re particularly compelling for leads in the ‘evaluation’ or ‘selection’ phase of the buying process. 

Source: November 2017 poll of 680 buyers on TrustRadius.com

When a client starts watching testimonials about your company, it’s a strong buying signal. It means they have probably already done their research and are now looking for proof (from business owners and leaders they see themselves in) that you’re the brand for them.  

Today, nearly 95% of customers look for online reviews before they make a purchase. Additionally, purchase likelihood jumps 15% when buyers can access verified testimonials instead of anonymous reviews. As a result, displaying reviews and testimonials can increase page conversion rates for a company by up to 270%. An overwhelming 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations, so the better you get at flexing video testimonials, the more sales your company will make. 

Why Use Video Testimonials?

Testimonials are important, but what makes video testimonials, specifically, so compelling? Simple: the personal, dynamic nature of video makes testimonials more effective. When done correctly, good video testimonials are…

  • Relatable. The customer should see themselves in the person delivering the testimonial. They should also understand how the solution, product, or good can help solve their pain points. 
  • Emotional. While we like to think of ourselves as rational creatures, emotions reign supreme. Good video testimonials resonate with your would-be customers, helping them establish a bond with your brand.
  • Memorable. Did you know that video has a much higher retention rate than text? While we remember about 95% of what we see, we only remember about 12% of what we read. This means a good video testimonial will stick with your customers much longer than a written review. 
  • Shareable. People prefer video, and a video testimonial that’s done well will double as a vital piece of content. And since video content converts much better than other types of content, many of those views could become customers. 
  • Trustworthy. When all the elements above combine, you wind up with a trustworthy video testimonial that encourages buyers to trust your brand and interact with your products. 

If you’re in the market for hard-working content for your brand, a series of good video testimonials is a great place to start. When you create a great video testimonial, it’ll stick with your brand for years to come – helping you make sales and convert customers at every turn.

How to Create a Compelling Video Testimonial

You don’t have to be a video production expert to create a good video testimonial. Just follow these tips:

1. Use the equipment you have

No fancy video equipment? No problem. While it’s nice to have a top-of-the-line camera, you can also make a nice testimonial using Zoom or an iPhone. Just make sure you invest in good editing and production services later.

2. Keep it natural

While you want to prepare for your recording session, it’s best not to use a script. Here’s why: while using a script will keep you on-topic, it can also result in a testimonial that feels stilted and unnatural. Instead, meet with your client beforehand to go over the general direction of the testimonial. When you sit down to record, treat it like a friendly conversation rather than a rehearsed production.

3. Know your “why”

The ultimate purpose of a video testimonial is to help customers understand why. Why your product? Why your company? Why now?

With this in mind, avoid talking about the features of a product in your video testimonials. Instead, focus on how it helped the customer, why they chose it, and what they gained from it. Ask questions that foster emotional connection and help customers see themselves in the testimonial. The more you can build a strong personal connection now, the better.

4. Keep it short

Keep your video testimonial short and impactful. A finished length of 2-3 minutes is ideal. While that may not seem like much time, it’s important to remember that video is an on-the-go medium, and customers will appreciate something easily digestible. 


How to Use Your Video Testimonials for Maximum Impact

Now that you’ve created a great testimonial, it’s time to use it! Here are a few places to deploy the testimonial within your content marketing strategy:

  • Your website. Case studies and testimonials are a great addition to your website. Place them in a high-visibility location (like next to CTAs or on a sales page) to help nudge customers through the buying journey and ensure ongoing interaction.
  • Your blog. When you have a new video testimonial, add it to your blog to keep customers up-to-date on what you’re doing. 
  • Email campaigns. Enhance your drip campaigns by including your video testimonials within them. To maximize impact, match each testimonial to the objection a given email seeks to overcome.
  • Social media. Last but not least, share your video testimonials on social. Not only will these videos boost clicks and conversions, but they can make your social interactions with customers that much more authentic. 


inThink: Your Partner in Outstanding Video Testimonials

Video testimonials can be a great addition to your content strategy. If you need help creating testimonials that convert, inThink is here to help. An agile, experienced marketing agency, our team specializes in working with brands like yours to help support organizational goals and drive conversions. Contact us today to learn more about our team and our process.