Promotion on social media is incredibly finicky. It’s hard to strike that balance between promotion of content and annoying your followers.

Writing social media posts isn’t easy either. You have to grab people’s attention in even less time than you normally have; you have less space to get people interested; and you need something to back up your posting.

It’s time consuming and often frustrating. So why do we do it? Because it’s worth it.

What’s the Point of Social Media?

The main strength of social media is as a tool for branding. What’s unique about social media is how it conveys the personality of your business. Of course, your content can do this too, but keep in mind that your followers go on social media for amusement or entertainment.

This gives you an opening to reach potential customers and grab their attention when they are relaxed and not searching for you. Content that answers questions that were Googled is valuable in itself. But social media gives you different information. It tells you what people are interested enough in to click when they are on their own time.

You can be more casual, and reach your customers on a more personal level. It’s a powerful tool to engage people, promote yourself, and above all, enhance your brand by creating a one-on-one relationship with your followers.

Promotion is another key point of social media. Using social media to promote content is a crucial part of getting the most out of your content marketing campaigns. You need to use these platforms to reach as many people as possible, but before you reach people, you need to have something of value to offer. So start by developing content. Then, when you’re ready, add in social media.

Where Should You Start

We have a lot more social media options to market on now than we did a few years ago. Between Pinterest and Instagram and Twitter, there are tons of platforms you have to engage with. But it’s good to start with the basics, which is why your first move should be Facebook.

Facebook is a good, basic platform to start with. Nearly everyone has a Facebook profile, and it’s a pretty straightforward site to use. You get a little more leeway with the length of your content, and it’s easy to invite all of your friends to like a page.

The first step to Facebook is to build an audience. Keep in mind that to build an audience, you need to have content to offer. There’s no point in building an audience for an old site or no content. Then you can get started.

  • Create your page
  • Invite your contacts –
  • Take your page offline

The Key Point

Creating value is the name of the marketing game, especially if you’re on social media. People always need to see the value in your business, otherwise they’ll walk away. Generating quality content, content that addresses issues your customers have, or gives them something worth looking at is what generates leads and keeps them engaged.

Lots of articles say that creating your page is the first step, but that isn’t true. There’s nothing more depressing than an empty page that doesn’t point people anywhere. Create valuable content for your leads, followers, and customers and then use Facebook and social media to promote it. Not the other way around.