It’s difficult not to feel a sense of optimism – and relief – as COVID mandates are slowly lifted. Who isn’t excited at the prospect of taking that first step toward normalcy?

Upon closer examination, however, you may find yourself back in a state of uncertainty. 

After adjusting to meet the demands of COVID mandates, the path back presents a different kind of communication challenge. Just as you had to pivot once mandates were implemented, you’ll once again need to adjust your marketing efforts as mandates are lifted, and new guidelines are created.


What To Consider Before You Reopen

As COVID mandates are lifted, new local, state and federal guidelines will be put in place. Simply opening your doors and going about business as usual won’t be an option. There are critical factors business leaders need to take into account before opening their doors.



Consult OSHA Guidelines Before You Start Making Reopening Plans

First and foremost, you need to be familiar with OSHA guidelines for employers. 

Here are a few to know as COVID guidelines are lifted:

  • Encourage sick employees to stay home
  • Have flexible sick leave policies consistent with public health guidelines
  • Maintain flexible policies that allow employees to stay home to care for sick family members or care for children
  • Stay aware of pay, leave, safety and health concerns of employees
  • Provide training and education and proper hygiene practices and workplace controls, such as PPE’s. 


Three Core Marketing Questions You Need To Address.


What is the state of your logistics?  

Will you be able to supply the kind of product and services you traditionally offer? Supply chains for many industries aren’t functioning as smoothly as they did before the COVID mandates. 

Shipments may still be delayed or canceled. 

You may be short-staffed. 

Take an inventory of your business offerings and see what you can and cannot offer at this moment.


How will you serve your customers?

Will you be able to engage with customers traditionally while adhering to government guidelines? How some businesses interact with their customers won’t look much different than it did during the mandates. For others, it will be in a more familiar pre-COVID manner.


How will you serve your employees?

New OSHA guidelines for returning to business means that new accommodations will need to be provided for employees, including absenteeism due to caring for sick family members or children due to school and daycare closings. These guidelines will impact the logistics of your business and how you serve your customers.



Selecting The Appropriate Media Channel Is Critical

Deciding on the most effective media mix needed to convey the answer to these questions is as important as the message itself. If people don’t know when and how you plan to reopen, your efforts to gain momentum won’t be effective.

The last thing you want is for customers and employees to be left in the dark. That’s why you need a well-designed integrated marketing campaign that utilizes the best media platforms for your particular market. 

Email campaigns, website updates, educational videos, and social media all need to work together to ensure that you, your customers, and your employees are on the same page.


The InThink Way To Move Forward

Today’s business leaders need a deft touch when it comes to communicating in a post COVID world. Employees and customers expect both assurance and direction before they engage with your business. It’s a tall order – one with little margin for error. 

That’s where we come in.

InThink is built to take on today’s challenges. We partner with businesses like yours to help navigate the twists and turns on the road to post COVID recovery. Our team specializes in helping create effective business and marketing strategies for these tumultuous times. From educational and infographic videos to drip email campaigns and website development, we have the tools and know-how to help.

Contact us today and find out how the skill and experience of InThink can help you successfully navigate the reopening process.