Our Process & Strategy

inThink Goes Deeper to Build Your Business

Think of your business as an iceberg

What’s above the surface is your creative, your content – video, blogs, resources – and your advertising. It’s what the world sees, and over time, it can change shape and size. Our talented creative and design teams will bring your brand to life and make you stand out.

At inThink, our work doesn’t stop at the surface, however. Great creative alone is not enough to sustain success long-term. We analyze and optimize your brand, your technology stack, how you hire, train, and retain, and how you align marketing, sales, and customer strategies with your business goals. With this strong base, your creative will build your brand and your market share, and you will deliver experiences that create loyalists, not just customers.

A solid base will continue to rise up and support what the world sees, even if what’s above the surface may change.

What does working
with inThink look like?

At inThink, transformation is what we do. Transformation enabled by a holistic view of your business and strategies to optimize the six pillars of business success.


Better tools, resources and strategies for hiring, onboarding, project and resource management. Ensuring that your organization is designed to deliver.


Positioning and strengthening your brand to generate more qualified leads, expand into new markets and a deeper understanding of your customer.


Optimizing your strategies for email, social, web, content, and SEO across paid, earned and owned channels.

Customer Success

Full support for the customer journey from awareness, to conversion, to service, to loyalty and advocacy.


Aligning your business and marketing goals with the right technology and tools to minimize friction and enable scalable growth.


Full suite of creative services across offline and online channels, logo design, video production, and website design.

If you’re looking for order takers, that’s not us.

We believe the best agency relationships are those that analyze, augment, question and challenge. We are strategists and strategy demands more. We look at market influences, the competitive environment, performance data, audience data, and technical architecture. We synthesize these inputs, look for trends, opportunities, and threats and we plot where you are against your business goals. We work hard, we dig deep, we make hard decisions, we represent your brand faithfully, and we get results.

At inThink, we:

  • Save you time and money, and let you focus on running your business
  • Develop holistic marketing and sales strategies that align with overarching business goals
  • Increase the quantity and quality of leads, traffic, and as a result increase revenue
  • Provide actionable insight into your buyers and their journeys
  • Enable sales processes that close faster and more efficiently
  • Uncover new business opportunities
  • Decrease client acquisition costs
  • Optimize user experiences
  • Audit and evaluate tech stacks to eliminate friction and enable scalable growth
  • Strengthen and differentiate your brand
  • Identify your position in the marketplace
  • Help you grow market share by identifying and articulating your “unfair” competitive advantage
  • Increase the value and appeal of your company

Let’s help you predict your success with a proven model and strategy!

Our strategy works because we look at the entire buyer’s journey and merge inbound marketing and content with new technology. We are all about results, in fact, we can predict them. Set up a free 30 minute consultation with our team today.