We here at InThink pride ourselves on helping local business owners attract local audiences.


Well, while it’s always wonderful to attract customers far and wide, study after study show that the average SMB owner sees the most success, and most long-term growth, if they focus primarily on local audiences.

Google agrees.

Google’s Small Business Program was designed to support local businesses and help them market themselves online. The Google My Business page, in particular, is incredibly powerful for small business owners in Worcester and Providence – yet so few of these business owners know how to set up their page (let alone optimize it).

Learn more about Google’s love of small business here >>


That’s why, two years ago, we began our partnership with Google’s Small Business Program. While we work with a host of clients throughout the region, we have a particular passion for small and medium businesses (heck, we’re one of them!). In our collaboration with the Blackstone Chamber of Commerce (including as a business advisor) we’re often asked to help business owners with:

  • Setting up their Google My Business page
  • Getting more reviews on Google
  • Improving their Google ranking
  • Using Google’s suite of work products effectively (including Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.

It was a no-brainer for us to partner with the Google program to ensure our clients – and fellow SMBs – had access to the tools, technology, and know-how they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Honored for helping small businesses in our community grow

Google is particularly careful about whom they honor or recognize. Understandably so. They need to protect the credibility of their brand.

That’s what makes this recognition so special to our team.

google award certificate

We know that we had to pass through stringent Google screening processes to be recognized. Since our partnership with the program, we’ve designed, and hosted, two extremely popular workshops for local business owners:

And …

These well-attended seminars represent just a small fraction of the work we do to help SMBs in Worcester, Providence, and beyond.

Our clients, and community business owners, turn to us often to find out how they can use Google to improve their growth.

We never hesitate to provide one-on-one consultations for clients and prospects and, it’s not uncommon to see our team at a booth at one of the many wonderful Chamber events held throughout the year.

We also use our expertise in action with our clients. Here’s a look at how we used Google’s existing set of tools to boot one of our client’s ranking in just a few days:

See How We Got Our Malden, MA Client into Google’s Local 3-Pack

When it comes to supporting SMBs in Worcester and Providence, InThink’s just getting started


In the near future, we plan to host a workshop in all 11 towns that make up Blackstone Valley, in partnership with the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce.

This will allow us to share our knowledge of Google’s suite of tools with a wide audience. It’ll be the first time in the program’s history that an agency has gone to such lengths to educate business owners – but when it comes to supporting our local communities, we mean business.

Each town within the Blackstone Valley has its own economic development board, focused on helping local businesses. Our program will help business owners align with the goals of these boards.