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Automation: it’s become a major buzzword throughout the digital world. Today, people automate their bill payments, grocery deliveries, bank deposits, and much, much more. Did you know, though, that you can also automate your marketing?

If you’re running a company, the concept of this probably sounds terrific. After all, days get hectic quickly, and it’s easy to let your marketing fall by the wayside. Even if you’re still publishing content and launching campaigns, most CMOs have a tough time tracking team goals, analyzing analytics, and more. 

Fortunately, there’s an answer: marketing automation. Here at InThink, we believe deeply in marketing automation and its potential to expand your bandwidth so you can get more done with less stress. Even better, we’ll help you implement world-class marketing automation services that can revolutionize your company.

How Marketing Automation Works

Marketing automation is pretty simple: it utilizes software designed to help teams deploy specific marketing actions. For example, marketing automation software can publish social posts on various platforms, initiate email drip campaigns for different audience segments, and more. 

While these actions must be input manually, they require no manual effort to deploy. Instead, marketing automation software seeks to nurture prospects with personalized, timely material that your team doesn’t have to invest a bunch of time in sending out.



When you partner with InThink, we’ll work with you to identify your brand’s unique identity. From there, we’ll begin strategizing. We like to take a comprehensive approach, moving through your brand’s various channels and taking a close look at everything.

We evaluate how well your branding segments mesh with your other branding and where there’s room for improvement. From there, we deliver a tailored brand strategy and branding guide that simplifies your future marketing and serves as a roadmap. This document is your holy grail – it tells you and everyone within your company who you are, what you care about, and what your marketing should focus on going forward.

Marketing Automation, by the Numbers



decrease in marketing overhead with marketing automation software


more sales productivity


of people using marketing automation see an increase in their lead numbers


of markets report that marketing automation software is “essential” to the success of their overall marketing activities


of companies using marketing automation software report their primary goal is to improve their pipeline of qualified leads



5 Benefits of Deploying Marketing Automation in Your Company

As you can see from the statistics above, marketing automation is effective. How, exactly, can it benefit your business, though? Here are five significant benefits of bringing marketing automation into your company:

  • Marketing automation saves you time. In fact, the average company saves an average of 6 hours each week by merely scheduling their social posts. 
  • Marketing automation boosts the effectiveness of your CRM. While a CRM can expand your business operations, adding marketing automation takes the entire system one step further. 
  • Marketing automation offers comprehensive data. It’s tough for many marketers to collect and evaluate KPIs. When you use marketing automation software, though, the tool collects this data all in one place, so you have easier access to it. 
  • Marketing automation software promotes consistency. Consistency is the key to marketing success. By adding marketing automation software to your pipeline, you can build the consistency you’re striving for.

Marketing automation enhances personalization. Customers are hungry for personalized marketing. By giving them more of what they’re asking for, you can brand yourself as an engaged, dedicated company that cares deeply about what they need.

Real Case Studies From Our Clients


Marketing automation can transform your business. But don’t take our word for it – check out what our customers have to say about working with InThink to deploy marketing automation:

Sarah McMaster

Worcester State University

“InThink helped us promote key attributes of Worcester State through use of compelling story telling. They were a hands-on partner in executing a series of videos, from planning through to post-production. Their staff were flexible, professional, and knowledgable about not only video production, but about marketing in higher education.”

Alexandra Wesley

USTA New England

“We hired InThink to do an inspiring video to get people back into the sport of tennis. We used this video to kick-off our largest conference of the year as well as in advertisements for our programs. The video drove social engagement and was an effective way for us to celebrate the sport with our consumers.”

Dave Glispin

Sunshine Sign

“InThink provided us with a logical, achievable, measureable and sustainable plan to “showcase” our company. They are laser focused on implementing the correct steps to maximize the benefit of each marketing initiative.

Kham and his team have taken the time to understand our business and our vision for the future. They have an complete understanding of our preferred customer.”

Rosie Fayard

Learning First Foundation

“The InThink team has helped our organization transform both internally and externally. Before working with them, we did not have a clearly expressed vision or brand and nor did we have the collateral materials necessary for fundraising as a nonprofit. Thanks to them, we now have not only visually appealing marketing materials (website, video content, logo, print material, etc), but these tools help us express our cause so that we are reaching our crucial fundraising goals.”

Steven Sabra

Attorney and founder of Sabra and Aspden PA

“As a busy attorney it’s difficult to get involved with my marketing and sales. The InThink team takes care of it all, and I have peace of mind knowing that they have my best interests. They do a great job keeping it simple, but yet execute complex strategies.”

Troy Hewes

Owner of Ace Wood Flooring

“I’ve been working with Kham and his team for several years, and they have been so involved with our business from sales to marketing to workflow. He’s really a part of our company and we couldn’t be happier with InThink.”

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