Case Studies

The Brief

For ScaleTime, inThink executed a full business assessment to ensure that they had a clear understanding of their buyers, their buyer journeys, and that their brand, content, marketing, and technology are aligned to deliver best in class customer experience.

The Mission

ScaleTime aims to help small business owners succeed on their own terms by creating systems and processes designed to stabilize and enhance positive, ethical, and cultural growth. ScaleTime will be a resource for the greater small business community.

The Vision

To create owner freedom by being a trusted resource for small businesses aspiring sustainable growth on their own terms. ScaleTime will innovate products and services, create a movement, and dominate the current niche with a divergent model. Ultimately, ScaleTime will revolutionize success for small businesses.

The Brand

ScaleTime helps business owners create systems so they can have more time and handle more volume while still keeping their quality intact.

The growth marketing plan and visual branding refresh.

One of the key outcomes of our work was a refresh of Scaletime’s visual brand. This included a bold, more mature typeface that better represents the business. This also included a new set of brand guidelines to reflect the edginess of the brand, including the standard fonts, a robust color palette for multiple applications, graphic elements, brand iconography, and photography guide. This helps ScaleTime ensure that the brand is distinct and consistent across channels.

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