When you tweet, all you’re probably thinking about is getting your thought out 140 characters or less.

But the only way you’re going to get noticed on Twitter is if you optimize the heck out of your tweet and really make sure to spice it up. Otherwise, you’ll be the Twitter equivalent to that nasty canned cranberry sauce that for some reason still makes an appearance at the Thanksgiving dinner table – seen then forgotten as people look for what they really want.

Twitter is a great tool that you can use to generate and nurture leads, monitor industry thoughts and trends, and interact with customers.

Don’t let your Twitter account be the cranberry sauce.

The fact is, if you’re doing Twitter wrong, you might as well not be doing it at all. Here’s how we recommend spicing it up! These are a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your social media marketing strategy on Twitter.

Tip #1 Add Some Spice to Your Profile

One of the worst things in the world you can do is forget the basics. When you’re cooking up your Twitter account, remember to start with the basics – Your Twitter profile.

Your Twitter profile is the salt in your recipe. It’s a basic ingredient that everyone can use, but without it, food just tastes bland. Your profile gives your account authority and credibility, not to mention making it more attractive. I mean, come on, do you ever take anything with that default egg profile graphic on it seriously? We don’t!



So make sure you have these 3 components:

  • A profile picture- either your company logo or a professional headshot
  • A cover photo
  • Your website’s link

To add a little spice to the mix, add in a concise, fun “about me” section! This is great for SEO purposes, plus it adds some personality to your profile!

Tip #2 Add Digital Breadcrumbs

No, not the breadcrumbs that go into stuffing… although wouldn’t that be great! We’re talking about the trail that Hansel and Gretel followed to the witch’s house type of breadcrumbs.

Just like the creepy, child-eating witch from Hansel and Gretel, in order to get people to check out your blog post, ebook, or white paper that you share on Twitter, you need to leave them digital breadcrumbs.

What are digital breadcrumbs you ask?

Fair question. Digital breadcrumbs entice your reader, while informing them about what the content or offer you’re posting about contains. Try a customized comment above the link to your offer when you post it. Identify a key point from the content, and give the audience an idea of what value they will gain from clicking on the link.

Tip #3 Make it Look Good

There’s a reason they stick those incredible looking foods on the cover of magazines – they look so good they make you hungry! Same concept with your Tweets: In order to catch someone’s eye, your Tweet needs to be a looker.

To be the hot Tweet on the block, head over to Photoshop or Canva and make your own custom images that go along with your content. Images that tell your reader what the content is about whet their appetite and entices them to click.

And because it’s very likely that your follower is scrolling through their Twitter feed in the Starbucks line, having an image on your post will help catch their eye. Be a can’t-not-look image in a world of boring text-posts.

Tip #4 Add a Tasty Video

And no, I’m not talking about those awesome Tasty videos you can watch on Buzzfeed until you salivate, although come on, if there’s any way to catch someone’s eye, it’s with food prep videos!

If you want to step up your tweet, add in something really awesome and eye-catching, something with movement. Include a video, gif, or vine in 1 out of 4 posts and you’ll break up your own feed and keep your audience on their toes, not to mention get noticed as they scroll through their newsfeed!.

Your vine or gif doesn’t even have to always be content-related. I mean everybody loves a cute puppy picture, right? Or food. Like I said, everyone loves food.

Fact is, the name of the game on Twitter is to get people to stop. It doesn’t matter why they stop for your content, just that they do.

If your content doesn’t have a really great image or video to go with it, throw in a video of something cool but totally unrelated. Get creative with it! Make people smile or laugh and they’re sure to get engaged by your Twitter campaign



See what I mean? You love it, don’t you.

If you can connect it to your content, even better. If you sell ice cream and post a cute video of a dog eating ice-cream, then you score double-brownie points! Maybe readers will click your profile to see if you have more cute videos, and will end up looking at your content instead!

Tip #5 #Hashtags

Hashtags are the cherry on top of your tweet.

Hashtags are everywhere—even comedy. They connect people talking about the same thing in one stream of conversation.

You can create a hashtag related to your business or industry and watch its growth as your social media presence increases, or you can use one to become part of the larger conversation.

Or, use one that already exists to get found! If you tweet something with the hashtag #smallbiz, then maybe other small businesses will see your tweet and network with you.

Pro tip: Hashtags are an awesome way to let people know what you’re talking about. But don’t use too many! The more you use, the less powerful they become, so limit yourself to 3 or less.

Go Get SocialWhether you already have a Twitter profile or you’re just creating them, these 5 simple tips can be used to optimize your posts and increase clicks and follower interaction. Let us know below in the comments what your favorite tips for Twitter are!