Money doesn’t grow on trees. A penny saved is a penny earned. Do you think that I’m MADE of money? How much extra will that cost? And our all time favorite- That’s just too expensive. It’s not worth it.

Excuse me while I go bang my head up against the wall for a moment. Okay. I’m back. Now we can get down to the business of explaining why a custom web design is always worth it… and why you should think so too.

So first of all: We get it. Believe me. We are not deluded people who think that money can be thrown around like confetti. We promise. We have a budget too. But when it comes to your website, skimping on costs is simply not an option. Here’s why.

Why Your Website Has to be Awesome

Back before the internet, stores had windows. A flashy shopfront, a billboard, maybe handing out flyers or free samples was how you got people’s attention. But now, before people even walk out the door, they check your website. Your store is not your first impression anymore- your website is. And your mom was right when she said that you only have once chance to make a first impression.

Here’s the thing: we as a species have an incredibly short attention span. You have a very short window to catch people’s attention and make them want to stay. On average, 55% of visitors to your site will spend 15 seconds or less on your site. Think about what your site looks like to initial visitors. What do they see? What impression does your business leave? Okay, no need to hyperventilate. Deep breaths. There, you see? When we say you need an updated, customized website, we aren’t being the sleazy car salesmen trying to sell you a Ferrari when you came in for a minivan. We’re just telling it like it is.

What’s A Customized Website Worth

Okay, so, fair warning: Custom web design jobs are worth a lot. So you may want to brace yourself.

On average, a small site is worth between $30,000- $40,000. Larger sites can cost up to $80,000 and sometimes even more.

Still breathing? Please don’t pass out on me, I’m about to make you feel better.

So yes, custom sites are worth a lot. There’s no denying that. But the way to think about it is not like you just waltzed into a store and dropped $30,000 on a designer suit so you can look like James Bond or a purse that might speak to you but is really just a purse. This website is an investment into your business. And believe it or not, what you get is worth the price.

When you make an investment, the first thing you do is pay a chunk up front. It hurts, and you might have to close your eyes as you write the check, but you know that eventually, you will see a return. It will eventually make you more money, even if right now you feel like your bank account is empty. Investing in a customized site works the same way, because the return you get through your business will more than cover the initial investment. And here’s why.

What You Get for Your Money

A customized site requires four steps, each of them important to making sure that you actually see a return.

  1. Needs Analysis– Custom means custom. We can’t waltz up to four different clients with the same strategy. We need to have several meetings, discussing a marketing strategy and honing our design plan and workflow to accommodate their needs.
  • Is the client having trouble generating leads?
  • Is conversion of leads to customers the problem?
  • Is there a lack of information on the site that leads people to look elsewhere?
  • Is the site simply outdated and ugly to look at, and people aren’t sticking around to maneuver through it?

We also discuss long term and short term goals, numbers you want to hit, and address any other concerns you might have. You’re making an investment and just as much as you want to be informed, we want you informed.

  1. Design Decisions– This is where we figure out what information to put where. How can we streamline your visitor’s journey and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for? We look at the information that has value to your customer base and highlight that, while creating a straightforward and aesthetic site that conveys the message and personality of your business. Then, we work with a designer to bring it to life.
  1. Content Development

There’s no point in redoing your website if your content is outdated. Content that doesn’t comply with Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) standards is not going to boost your online traffic at all, no matter how pretty your site is. It’s sort of like having a really good looking house, but you have no furniture, rugs, or anything else inside. Looks great, but practically it’s useless. So we have our writers look over everything you want to include in your site and write optimized content that Google will be able to find when people do a search for your business or industry, but that people will love to read too.

  1. Analytics

And finally, we do analytics. If you don’t know how your investment is paying off, you’re never going to be happy about the money you put towards it. We use a variety of programs to give you a clear sense of exactly how much additional traffic your site is getting and how many more customers are coming in because of your site.

The end goal of a custom website design is to have your website pay for itself. It may take time but the increase in traffic is well worth the initial investment.