World-Class CRM From Your Trusted Partner, InThink

Customer relationship management: it’s a critical technology for any company who wants to improve interactions with customers and nurture potential clients. When it works well, a good CRM system makes it easier to remain connected to your customers, boost your profitability, and streamline your processes.

For many companies, though, figuring out how to access top-quality CRM can be tough. That’s where InThink comes in. Offering results-driven marketing for real businesses, InThink provides a team of tech-savvy marketing experts to help you ace your CRM this year.

Let’s Start

How CRM Works

When companies refer to CRM, they’re typically talking about a system designed to streamline customer relationship management. By connecting various teams, simplifying sales and contact management, and boosting productivity, CRM systems allow companies to do many things.

Most specifically, CRMs help companies focus on relationships with individuals. These individuals range from customers and suppliers to service users and colleagues. CRM systems also allow your team to nurture relationships throughout their various life cycles. For example, a CRM makes it easier to identify new customers, convert them into your business, and provide ongoing services throughout the relationship.

CRM, by the Numbers

  • Today, 46% of sales teams use CRM systems
  • The average ROI for CRM software is $8.71 for every dollar spent
  • Effective organizations are 87% more likely than their competitors to use CRM systems
  • 22% of salespeople still don’t utilize a CRM, or even know what the system is
  • 40% of companies are still using informal and non-secure methods, such as email programs and spreadsheets, to store sensitive customer data
  • Gartner predicts that by 2021, CRM will be the single largest revenue area of spending for enterprise software.

Why Your Company Needs Great CRM

The foundational purpose of a great CRM is organization. Good CRMS provide everyone on your team with more visibility and support. Here are a few of the primary functions of CRM software:

  • CRM software allows teams to store customer information securely, and to prospect for new leads actively
  • CRM software is a great place to record service issues and keep tabs on customer requests
  • With an excellent CRM tool, you can manage marketing campaigns across platforms, providing increased visibility, higher ROI, and more streamlined operation 
  • By providing increased transparency, a CRM allows teams to collaborate on activities. For example, teams in various departments can see how the company has communicated with customers, what customers have purchased, whether they issued a support request and more. This helps drive sales and promote business growth.

Boost Your CRM With InThink

Marketing has evolved, and your tactics need to change right along with the industry as a whole. As your company grows, the outdated tactics you’re currently using will start to ache. Spreadsheets, for example, are difficult and time-consuming to update. It’s easy to lose important customer information in email chains. Post-it notes are forever being lost or thrown away, and teams don’t have the visibility they need to communicate effectively.

Fortunately, good CRM can change all of this. By investing in excellent software and working with a team who knows how to implement it, you can build your business beyond your wildest dreams, this year and every year after that. Ready to get started? Contact InThink today.