By Andrea Spencer

If you’ve never heard of Reddit, you’re not alone. But for being a site that some have never heard of, it’s the 8th most visited site on the internet. It has incredible reach and influence, and it’s where you can mine for some of the best content for your business. On Reddit, you can test if your content is good or not and find some ideas you never would have thought of.


Reddit 101

Reddit can be a bit confusing. It’s not the best site layout, to be totally honest. It’s kind of dated and a little tough to navigate through. But people still love it, and they keep using it. So here’s some of the key features of reddit to help you get better acquainted with the site.


Key features

Subreddits: Subreddits are smaller forums within Reddit that are dedicated to a particular topic. Everything from world news to video games to life hacks. Pretty much anything you can think of has a subreddit. Some of our favorite fun ones?


reddit shower thoughts

To go directly to a subreddit, type in For example,


This is really powerful for a marketer. In subreddits, people are self-segregating by their interests. You can see what they’re interested in, how they talk, and test your content on them.


Discussion threads: Discussion threads are posts in subreddits. People can post something, and anyone can respond to it, making long conversations, or threads.


reddit discussion threads

Discussion threads are a great resource. They let you take a glance at how people are reacting to the content they’re seeing. Get some insight into how your personas react to different topics and content.


Now sure how to build buyer personas? We wrote a guide on that –> 


Upvotes/downvotes: Upvotes and downvotes are how content on Reddit gets ranked. People are actively voting on content, like a survey. Tap into the immediate pulse of the people. What do people like literally right this second?

reddit 101



Front page: The front page is where the upvotes and downvotes come into play. What shows up here is what’s performing the best on the site. It lets us know what is top of mind at that moment.

Most important rules

Reddit has some pretty important rules, and you can get kicked off the site for breaking them. Here are  the most important ones:


  • No spam/corporate self promo. It’s important that the content on Reddit is self generated
  • No vote manipulation. You can’t tell all the people in your office to upvote your post. They can see your IP address and will kick you off for any funny business.
  • Follow the subreddit rules. It’s important to check the rules for each subreddit; they’re all different. Make sure to know and follow them!

rules of reddit

How to use Reddit to find content

Become an active user

Like we said before, the interface is confusing and ugly. But you need to get used to it somehow and learn to navigate it. We think the best way to learn is by doing, so become an active user to help yourself get used to it.


Also, the community (like most online communities) is quirky. There are a lot of inside jokes and lingo to learn. And since there’s no dictionary for Reddit, you just have to get in there and get your feet wet.

Master the search function

Reddit’s search function is no Google. It’s not even Bing, honestly. Here are some ways to find exactly what you’re looking for:


  • Author:insertusername
  • Site:insertsite
  • You can sort results by relevance, top, new, comments, and time (past hour, day, week, all time, etc).
  • You can also limit results by subreddit by going to the subreddit you’re interested in and check the limit box in search


We think the most valuable filter combo is: subreddit + top + past month


Pros and Cons of Reddit

Best Part of Reddit

So why use Reddit for your marketing?


Easy. If you do it right, you get backlinks, news coverage, and social shares. You might not know it, but Reddit is where most of the online content, memes, and jokes come from weeks before you see it on your facebook or instagram page. If you become part of that content, the social media machine can work for you, without you really even having to do too much!


Limitations of Reddit

Other than the ugly interface and the time it takes to dedicate a part of your day or week to becoming an active user, the biggest flaw with using Reddit is that the data is skewed. You see, Reddit’s demographic is:


  • 2/3 male audience
  • 60% 19-29 years old
  • More educated
  • Mostly white
  • Mostly liberal or moderate


If that’s your core demographic or sort of fits your customer base, then you’re good to go! But if it’s not, you might want to take Reddit data with a grain of salt. It’s not totally unusable, but it’s also not the holy grail.