Running a business is complex. It takes a community of trusted partners, mentors, advisors to help scale and grow with the ultimate goal to exit and reap rewards. This podcast will share insights on how the people behind this trusted community gets it done so you can too!

In the world of site design, there’s a lot of “complexity equals quality” thinking. Companies get all tied up in jazzy elements, ultra-long menus, and fancy industry jargon. Unfortunately, that approach misses the mark for most users. In this quick-hit talk with Quinn Zeda, CEO of Conversion Crimes, we discuss why keeping your site easy enough for a child (or a drunk person) to use is the real marker of quality, where companies tend to fall short on testing, who is typically responsible for website flow fails (spoiler alert: everyone), and why being too quick to push a site can be so problematic.

Tricia Gellman: Hey, everybody, and welcome back to CMO Conversations, I'm Tricia Gellman, the CMO of Drift. I am joined today by Anthony Kennada, who is the CMO at Hopin, a hyper- growth company that has totally taken off in the past year and a half, and we're going to have a really exciting conversation about the changes we've seen in marketing and in the world of marketing in the past year and a half. So Anthony, at the beginning of the pandemic you ran a CMO coffee talk, like let's learn from each other kind of thing, and it totally blew up. I mean, maybe we could start by talking about why you started that and what you think drove the huge success of it.

Anthony Kennada: Yeah, totally. It's almost hard to believe that was a year, almost 18 months ago now at this point, but I think really as COVID started being a thing. Originally we heard about the virus outside of the states and all of us I think were still planning to run our marketing teams the same way that we would've otherwise. There was a moment, I think it was February, March, in 2020 where we said okay, this is real and this is going to impact us quite significantly. I reached out to a lot of folks in my network and asked them, " What's going on in your funnel today? Are you seeing leads slow down? Outbound, is that still a thing?" We were asking some of these very tactical questions. It was a pretty good chance for me to compare notes and better understand what others are seeing. Then it hit me that there actually aren't a lot of... I was very privileged to have that community of people I could turn to at CMOs at scale companies, that there are many folks that might feel isolated or on an island that they don't have potentially that network access that I was fortunate to have. So it was a pretty simple idea, if I could find some other CMOs in my network to do a very informal, basically livestream where we just crowdsourced questions, there was zero prep. We just would show up and crowdsource questions in the audience, and we didn't have all the answers but we were going through it together. It was a chance for us to compare notes as a community. So we ran that for I think about eight weeks or so and talked to amazing CMOs such as yourself, folks from DocuSign and Outreach and all of these great, great companies. I think it was a really great opportunity, both at the time and kind of wish I was still running it now but conversations like this are great reminders that the marketing community as a whole definitely bands together in these moments and we learn from each other. So excited to now be here and chatting with you.